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All of the provisions and periodic standardized testing given to students due to the No Child Left Behind Act and the Every Student Succeeds Act needs to be repealed. Common Core is a disaster and students are graduating with nothing to take with them into higher education or employment. The federal governments job should be to give our appropriate funds to the states and let the education professionals in that state run their school districts at the state and local level as they see fit. That is how we will set our students/young adults up for success. I’m Georgia, we need the federal government to keep their hands off of our education system. 



I stand with Governor Kemp, the “heartbeat bill”, and the pro-life agenda. The issue is, once the baby is born, we tend to forget about them and the mother. We must fund clinics to take care of the future mother both physically and mentally. We need to fix the broken foster care system and make adoption more accessible and much more affordable. Being pro-life does not end when the baby is born, we must be pro-life for the mother and the baby once the baby is brought into this world. 

LGBTQ Rights/Religious Liberties

The Republican Party needs to stop excluding and discriminating against the LGBTQ citizens of the country and, once again, be the Party for all Americans. We must stop discrimination by companies and agencies who receive state and/or federal funds. But while we are protecting the LGBTQ people from discrimination on the state and federal level, we must protect the religious freedoms and liberties of privately owned businesses without the threat of interference by the government and frivolous lawsuits. We need to make sure that by giving rights to one group of people, we cannot be taking rights away from another. 

Medicinal Marijuana

The Republican Party must stop the fake, tiresome war on drugs. We must decriminalize marijuana at the federal level so individual states can be free to research the benefits of medicinal marijuana and legalize it without any ramifications from the federal government. Our citizens would benefit greatly from it who have issues such as PTSD, depression, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s just to name a few.

Term Limits

Congress should not be a career. Being a servant to the people should not get you a retirement plan. The House of Representatives should have a 5 term/10 year limit and the Senate should have a 2 term/12 year limit. If you are not successful or productive, young, fresh blood is needed. If you are productive, moving up to a higher office or private sector job could make an impact. Change is needed for progress and to move the country forward. 


The healthcare system in the country is not ideal and Medicare for all is unrealistic and not financially a possibility. There should be a government run healthcare program that you pay into monthly. There should be a set price for a single American and a set monthly due for families, no matter the amount of members in your immediate family. Private insurance companies with better care should be there for those who choose to go that route and there should be no legal restrictions on competition across state lines. 

Second Amendment

Congress is looking to pass more laws and restrictions on certain types of weapons or weapon accessories in order to appease the gun control advocates. Democrats, Republicans, and the current Administration are all doing this. No more restrictions should be put in place, whatsoever. Let’s focus on mental health. That is how you solve the school shooting issue, not by restricting law abiding gun owners. Why does someone need a bump stock? Why does someone need an assault rifle? Why does someone need a magazine of a certain capacity? The answer is simple, they abide by the laws and the Second Amendment gives them the right. Let’s arm qualified teachers, help young Americans with mental health issues, and enforce existing laws. 

Offshore Drilling

The Georgia coastal economy relies on clean waters for tourism, fishing, and shrimping. Politicians all over the country are voting against the will of the people and this must stop. The people of Georgia’s first district don’t want big oil companies on our coast and we must ensure no seismic testing or offshore drilling occurs. We must keep Georgia’s coasts clean at all costs.  

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